Mittwoch, 7. Juli 2010

About mice, cookies, sisters and vegetables....

My dear (12! =)) readers,
this post is going to be full of pictures, I made the last 2 days. I`m taking a lot of pictures at the moment, there are so many beautiful things which I want to share with you!
Well, first there`s always eating, so I`m going to show you some chocolate chip cookies I made yesterday.

Ah, before I made these, my cat decided to bring home a tiny little mouse. Alive, thank god! So, I had to scare my cat away, because I wanted to save little Fridolin (that`s what every mouse, my cat brings, is called). He was in shock and hid behind a cabinet in the living room. The poor little guy was shaking. I couldn`t convince him to get out, even with cheese. I decided to wait a while and went back in my room. Suddenly I heard some weird noises. Fridolin was squeaking and peeping, because my cat tried to get back in. It broke my heart, he was so scared of that big, scary cat (even though, she is a very small cat).
Fortunately my brother came and managed to catch fridolin and we put him back in the garden....
I love my cat, but I hate it, when she plays with mice and drags them around...
Be save, Fridolin!!

Ok, back to the cookies! I`m always searching for a healthy, nourishing snack, which I can make for myself to eat before I go to bed or when I wake up hungry at night. I found the recipe here, but changed it a little. They are really, really good. Highly recommended!
Here`s my first batch of the "Super charge me! Cookies"

I was at the Farmer`s Market this morning, with my sister and mom. It was a gorgeous morning, we took our bikes and headed off, it was breezy and sunny. Just perfect!
Sometimes, I wake up, having the expectation, this day is not going to be worth mentioning. But then, something simple like going to a market and buy fruit and vegetables makes me extremely happy, so it is worth mentioning!

That is what we got! I think I`m going to make a blueberry cake or pie, something like that. I`ll keep you posted!

I love to sit on that bench and read or dream...
The skirt I`m wearing is new, it was in my mail yesterday (American Apparel). I`m totally into light pink, creme and all this kind of soft, natural colors. That is just the way I feel to dress right now.

I did a little photoshoot with my sister (aka little Lotta), on this bench. As you can see, we had a lot of fun. I love having a little sister (I`m 13 years older), it is so refreshing to have a child around you. She is so honest and just does whatever she wants to. When I`m feeling bad, she always makes me feel better, without doing anything special. 
I always wanted a little sister, it was my biggest dream. So, now that I actually have one, I`m really grateful and try to spend a lot of time with her!


So, that was it!

Have a great, sunny Wednesday afternoon!
Looking forward to read some comments!
Love, Lotta

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