Donnerstag, 8. Juli 2010

Capture every happy moment!

That`s what it is all about.

That`s what really counts.

That`s what we should write down in our diaries.

That`s what we should remember in 20 years.

I `m trying really hard to do that. To be more positive  and just enjoy the beauty of life. Sometimes I tend to just see all the bad things.

A song, which makes me happy every time I listen to it.

May I present my happy moments of the last two days:

Making and eating Blueberry-Pie.

Watching a bumblebee while having breakfast outside.

Eating oatmeal with blueberries and bananas.

Riding my bike on summer mornings.(please notice my polkadot bell!)

Making herb salt with thyme and rosemary from our garden.

Writing on my selfmade paper.

Enjoying an afternoon snack.

So, what were your happy moments, today?
Tell me about it....

Love, Lotta


  1. Your pie and your cookies look mouthwaterin. Plus, the cookies seem to be healthy, what are the ingredients?

  2. Thank you! If you look at the post I did the day before, you can klick on

    "I found the recipe here", and the recipe will appear on your computer, tadaaa=)

  3. hmmmmm this looks so delicious :) follow you now. wanna follow me :)


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