Freitag, 16. Juli 2010

Childhood memories

Hello children!
My last days were quite boring...Because of my operation, I had to lie around a lot and spent my days reading and dreaming.I have now a lot of built up creative energy to release, so be prepared to see some results within the next days.
But I did manage to take some pictures, each of them has their own little history.

Strawberry plant blossom

I have planted my own strawberries in spring. It is just amazing to eat your own tiny strawberry, they taste so delicious, you can`t compare this to the ones you buy at the store.


Lavender is my favorite scent. It smells so delicate in different ways. I made my own Lavender lipbalm, and if I can`t sleep, I put a drop of Lavender oil on my pillow. Soon, I want to try out some Lavendar cupcakes..

the most beautiful gravestone

This is a gravestone at the graveyard in my grandmothers village in germany. This stone is close to my grandfathers grave. Every time I walk by, I put a flower in the angels hand. My Mom used to do that, since she was a kid, so I am doing the same since I`m little. It is a childrens grave, which is about 150 years old. I love graveyards, I always read the names and wonder who`s burried there...It`s just a magic place.

Tell me, do you have a ritual like this?

Another blueberry pie

That`s  just another blueberry pie recipe I tried out. Yumm.

That`s it, nothing special.
Looking forward to read some comments!
Love, Lotta

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  1. schööne fotos :) und der kuchen sieht sooo lecker aus ;)
    liebste grüße x3


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