Dienstag, 13. Juli 2010

Creative Frustration

Hello there!

I am in some kind of creative frustration. Well my creativity is not really the problem, though. I had a little operation an my toe, yesterday. It went all well. I had to be at  the hospital very early and after an hour it was all done and I could walk out. Well, I couldn`t really walk because my toe was still asleep and I felt quite dizzy..But fortunately, my dad came to pick me up.
So, my frustration is, that I have so much on my mind I want to bake, cook, sew etc.etc. But I can`t walk or stand at the moment, I am in a lot of pain and that`s really annoying. I don`t like to lie around I think it`s soooo boring!
Enough of the complaining!

I had a great sunday. I went on a little picnic with my mom and sister and our bikes. I really enjoyed it.


stairway to heaven

Sometimes I want to be a butterfly


my cat miau

licking some whipped cream

I`m experimenting with shakes, lately. I used to not like them. But now, I came up with some really good  ways to make them.
I am obsessed with berries, so I usually take some strawberries, blueberries, or raspberries and half a banana. Put everything in the blender and add some rice milk.

With some cookes aside, that`s  the perfect morning or afternoon snack!

What do you guys eat between meals?

Love, Lotta


  1. A bowl of crunched zwieback and lemon buttermilk = <3
    But unfortunately, I have a lactoseintolerance, so I substitute the buttermilk with a self-made strawberryshake (it's quickly done, I just mix a few fresh strawberries with low-fat lactose-free milk). I'm having that for breakfast since it's so hot. :)

  2. sounds great! Well, I don`t like milk (except in my coffee), so I changed to rice milk, which is quite ok...(I also tried soy milk, that is gross)


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