Samstag, 10. Juli 2010

Hot summer breezes and icecream

Hi Lovies! How did summer treat you the last two days?

This is a very summery post. I was at Ikea yesterday, I really enjoyed it. It`s always like a short trip to Sweden. Ahhh talking of Sweden, I was there exactly three years ago, my boyfriend ( an ex girlfriend of mine) and I travelled through the country just with our backpacks, for three weeks. It`s such a great country, the nature, the people (they have such a great sense of style), the atmosphere, just amazing. It was such a great experience, and I`m really hoping to go back soon....
Haa, enough of the dreaming....

I`m actually sitting on the balcony right now, it just started to rain a little and the air is slowly cooling down. That is such a relief after this hot, hot day!
Well, I got some new bed linen at Ikea and when I got home, I washed it and let it dry in the sun.
A warm summer breeze came along. It looked so beautiful, I had to take some pictures!

I saw a bunch of ice cream recipes in a magazine, some days ago. So I bought these little ice cream tins and tried out a recipe.

All you need is:

1 Pound of fruit, I took raspberries, I think all berries (or juicy fruits) are good
4 Tablespoons Sugar
a sip of water

put it all together in a pan and slowly cook it for like 2-3 minutes. Allow to cool.
Then sift it (we don`t want all the seeds in our icecream) and stir in half a pound of (vanilla) yoghurt.
Fill the mixture in your " Ikea ice cream thingies" and put it in the freezer, for at least 8 hours.

Then enjoy every single lick of your very own, healthy, delicious and beautiful looking ice cream!

My sister enjoying her ice cream =)

Ok, now I`m going to tell you a little about how my "making some changes in the summer-plan" goes.
Well, well....

1.Gaining weight 

Just not as easy as it sounds. I always hear, that I`m so lucky, blabla, everyone has to loose weight and thinks gaining is easy. PHA, no it isn`t. I  feel hungry, weak and dizzy all the time, but not good-hungry, I feel bad-hungry, I think my body wants more, but I really don`t have the feeling, that I need to eat. I know that sounds strange...Often,  I feel very nauseous, because I am that hungry, but then I can`t eat a single bit.
I`m trying really hard to not think about it too much, but just eat when I`m hungry.

More about the other stuff in my next post.

It was nice to write something to you, I`m so happy about all the comments and reactions,  it`s so nice to hear....Thanks to all my readers!

Love, Lotta


  1. Yay, another healthy recipe to try out. :)

    Your new bed linen look awesome, a friend of mine has just the same one.

    Talking about the summer rain: it started to rain when I was half-awake this morning, I was laying in my bed and watching the rain through the open door of my balcony. After having brushed my teeth, I went to my balcony to inhale the fresh air. I love the smell of summer rain, it is one of my favourite natural perfumes.
    Aaaaaand I always wanted to travel to Sweden or Norway, but I heard the nutrition is very expensive there, isn't it?

  2. aaah summer rain<3! Yes, food is eextreeemly expensive in sweden, and alcohol,too but I don`t care about that one.

  3. i love the ikea-meatballs! ever ate them?

  4. I ALWAYS eat them =)...I usually buy them at the shop, I like it to cook by myself.

  5. The alcohol doesn't interest me, either, I'm pretty much what people would call "straight edge", but I'm not in the scene. (Scenes suck.)

    I never ate those meatballs, I'm vegetarian. Do they taste like usual meatballs? If so, I don't regret not having tested them. xD
    But what I LOVE are the cinnamonrolls they have in their shops. Once, I tried to bake some of them, but they weren't as good.
    And I love the daim-tarte. It's quite sweet, but with a nice cup of tea, it's so delicious. *-*

  6. I`m actually a cinnamonroll-star, I make the best ones =)!
    Their called Kanelbullar...I think I`m going to post the recipe, sometimes!
    They taste different..I think.Scenes do really suck! I`m not straight edge, I`m just Lotta.

  7. i wish i had an ice cream maker or what not so i could make some :{ . and i'm jealous of the hot weather you've been having . where i am it's been strangely cloudy ..

    much love <3

  8. Oh, I made those popsicles when I was a kid. Really want to try it again now :) Maybe with wild strawberries..yum.

    You look so much like a young winona ryder in the 7th july post!


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