Montag, 5. Juli 2010

It`s all about Raspberries

Hello there, it is a beautiful morning. I just did my morning yoga (outside) and now I`m sitting here, sipping on my greentea and enjoying my breakfast, while putting a post together. 
It`s all quiet and a little chilly. Mornings are my favorite time and breakfast is my favorite meal!
Yesterday, I was at a flea market out of town, with my dad. We were a little late, but I found some amazing stuff, in just an hour =)

Enough of the talking, now I`m gonna show some pictures!

Raspberrie jam, I made-and just ate 

Raindrops after a thunderstorm, saturday evening

My flea market treasures:

Canon EOS 500, analogical.

lamp for my nightstand, it is about 30-40 years old

fake, but beautiful pearl-necklace

metal box from the 1930ies, for my sewing stuff

I love the flea market so much, I always wonder what people did with that stuff, back then. 
What was in that box, originally? And who did it belong to...

It could have been the property of a girl,  about 20 years old, her parents wanted her to marry a rich, intelligent man with a good background. But she fell in love with that other boy, which her parents did`nt aprove. So she hid his loveletters in this box and buried it under her favorite cherry tree in her parents garden.

I know, that`s so corny but, you never know......

Last but not least, my breakfast (which is all about raspberries):

Wish you all a happy monday-morning!
Love, Lotta


  1. Wow I love the camera !!
    And raspberries.. I love them !

    care to follow me back ?

    alice h

  2. bin in deinen blog verliebt ;)
    und ich liebe den namen lotta :D
    habe mich gleich mal als leser hinzugefügt
    liebste grüße x3

  3. thank you, girls...that makes my happy =)!
    love, lotta


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