Freitag, 23. Juli 2010

New haircut.New life.

Le fabuleux déstin de Lotta
I got my hair cut, again...But I swear, I want to grow it out, now. I want long hair!!!
Do you know " Le fabuleux déstin d`Amélie"? Well, it`s my favorite movie, with my favorite actress. People say I kind of look like her, alot. (Which is an honor, for me)

Carrot Muffin

Felt flower, which I made

All time favorite dinner 

In my family it`s normal to eat together. Actually, eating is a big part of our family life (we`re half italian). I think thats good, and I usually like the get together we have...But yesterday I made a pretty good  experience, eating all by myself. At first I thought it`s harder for me to eat, when I`m alone but I really enjoyed it!

I made one of my favorite dinners, in my familiy it`s called "Daddys soup " =), because only my dad used to make it. Now everyone makes it, but we still call it like that.

You can just take whatever you have at home. I took, some peas, half a zucchini, and one fennel. Put it in a pan with  some olive oil and sauté for like 2 minutes. Than fill with some vegetarian bouillon.
If you like to, put in some pasta as well ( I took spelt pasta). And simmer for 10-15 minutes.

Dinner`s ready!

Serve with a slice of bread and cheese!
There`s a very simple, delicious and healthy meal which gives you everything you need. You can use every kind of vegetable you like. It`s good for summer and winter, just an all time favorite dinner!

FYI: While cooking, I finished the felt flower in the picture above.

I have a little question for you: What`s your all time favorite dinner which you can always eat ( if your sick, or healthy, happy or sad), which just makes you feel good???

Tell me about it, I`m always open for new ideas!

Have a lovely friday evening.

I`m off to cooking for me and my boyfriend, and then we`re watching a movie...

Love, Lotta


  1. the haircut is looooooovely!!!

  2. Yes, indeed. :)
    There are very few people who look decent with this cut, you're one of them. :)

  3. deine haare sehen so wunderschön aus :)
    du siehst wirklich aus wie amelie!

    ganz liebe grüße


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