Samstag, 24. Juli 2010

Pride and prejudice

Hello my dear readers. I just wanted to do a quick post about my saturday evening. It might seem really boring, but it`s just how I feel and what I am right now.
I just went for a little walk and tried to capture the atmosphere. The temperatures went down from 35 degrees to like 15-20 degrees, so it feels sooo cold and chilly! I had to put on a scarf and a fleece jacket for my walk ( I get cold really fast) and I still have a very cold nose tip...

With that weather I just feel like crawling into bed and read, drink tea and eat cookies. And that`s exactly what I`m going to do now. The book I`m reading at the moment isn`t good so I think I `m starting with Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice now. I have bought the book like a year ago and never found  the time to read it. But now I do, it`s a classic and I think it`s the kind of book I love!

I tried something new for afternoon snack. It`s porridge with semolina instead of oats.
My mom used to make it for me when I was little. I still like it. Served with some sugar and cinnamon on top.yummy. It has a nice smooth texture, nourishes your body, but is also very light and tasteful.
Perfect for snack time or breakfast. You`re going to see more of this, I`m thinking of berries and spices, we`ll see...

What I had for dinner. Mama`s lasagne. One of my favorite dishes. I can make it, too, but although I use the same recipe it never tastes as good as my moms. It`s just not the same. 
Whenever I leave or come home of a trip or something we have lasagne. It`s just food for my heart!

An impression of my evening walk.

Well, I`m off to a date with my PJ`s and Jane Austen.
Wish you all a lovely saturday evening!
Love, Lotta
Ps: Like always a little question for you: What does your saturday evening look like??
Excited to read some comments...

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  1. I hate saturdays, it's the most depressing day of the week (okay, mondays suck as well).
    Usually, I prepare my school stuff, read a lot and hang out in front of my computer, listening to music and reading my friends' weekend-events.


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