Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

There`s a feeling

A feeling you have, deep down in your heart.
A feeling, which is just yours.
A feeling, no one can replace.

You know that feeling.
You feel it, when you did something, you thought you couldn`t do.

Sometimes you just have to be courageous and try.
Sometimes you have to sit through and torture yourself.
Sometimes you may ask yourself, why am I doing this?Why do I have to suffer?

But if you do it, it will get better and in the end you get that wonderful feeling of succes!

We/You/I  can do it!

Spiders never give up. If their net gets destroyed, they just start a new one.

Brooch I made the other day

Earrings I made

Yesterdays breakfast

What did you do, you thought you never could, lately?
Tell me about it...

I wish you all a very succesful day. I`m off to mine...
Love, Lotta

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