Montag, 9. August 2010

Every day may not be good....

But there`s something good in every day.

Blackberries and sugar - making jam

Delicious and loveley- Cinnamonbread
Recipe found on this cute blog.

White and lace - my handmade curtains

yumm and yummy - dad`s pizza

chocolaty and moist - birthday cake I made for my brother

The last days were pretty good, I made a lot of stuff I wanted to do a while ago (like sewing curtains for my room) and just relaxed.
Now, I`m all about enjoying myself and life. I`m trying to enjoy every single bite.
And I am so looking forward to fall. Every year, when summer slowly comes to its end, I feel this energy, this excitement. I`m craving knit sweaters and dresses, boots and thights, scarves...Fall is my favorite, favorite season, clothewise. Speaking of clothes: I just got the fall catalogue of Cath Kidston, which I adore so much! Oh my god, my heart almost stopped while looking at these beautiful, georgeous clothes...I have to order some stuff,I can`t do anything about it,  I just have to.

I love the colors of fall, I adore the spices; cinnamon all over the place..
I think I`m in love with the changing of`s just a magical time.

What`s your favorite season?Why?

PS: I`m thinking about posting more recipes, what do you think? Are you even interested in my recipes?

Love, Lotta


  1. Awww~ Mir gefällt das Fensterbild am besten!

  2. Fall is my favorite as well. For all the same reasons you listed, and also because I love being cozy under a blanket inside with something hot to drink. When the sun is out it's not as fun. It feels less cozy and more lazy.

  3. First of all, I'd like to say that I would appreciate more recipes on your site, because the things you make always look so delicious and mothwatering. :)
    Then, Cath Kidson... have you even been to London or England in general? In my spring vacation, I was in a Cath Kidson store, it was like another world, enchanting, but pretty expensive. :(

    My favourite season is spring, because winter always makes be feel sad and I love how the earth warms up and people beging to smile. I love how you can start to wear dresses and skirts without thick tights and how you can leave your jacket inside your house.
    I consider summer to be too hot, but fall is amazing, I like the change of the colours. How the forests get orange and my birthday's in November. But what I don't like about fall is how people start to turn cold. :(

  4. thanks for the lovely comments!
    unfortunatly I haven`t been in england YET. I`m hoping to change that as soon as possible. I know it`s quite pricey, but I think it`s worth it!
    Love that stuff!
    Love Lotta
    PS: I hate winter, besides cristmas time=)

  5. wie hast du es hingekriegt, dass die chocolate cookies rund und irgendwie formschön sind? :D meine sind gerade im ofen, aber ich glaube, die werden eher etwas missgebildet aussehen :D

  6. Hab einfach versucht schöne Kügelchen zu formen...Ist doch egal, hauptsache sie schmecken!=)

  7. Sure adorable pictures! Love the pizza picture :)


  8. hey.. you've got a really nice blog here.. :)
    found you in the Kleiderkreisel forum but did not want to post a note in there because you were on one of the first (out of 66) pages :)

    keep up the nice work .. as recipes are always nice


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