Sonntag, 12. September 2010

Autumnal Dream

 I`m waking up in my cozy bed with a cold nose. 

I`m putting on a knitsweater, while going in the kitchen to put on some water for my tea and oatmeal.
In the mean time I`m checking on my computer and read some blogs.
I love the start of autmnal days!

Yesterday, I caught the first yellow leaf.

I`m dreaming of my perfect autumn day.

It starts with a perfect bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal and a hot cup of my favorite tea, all by myself.
After this devine breakfast, I`m going to dress up. I`m wearing a floral dress, wine-red tights and my  leather jacket, I have braids in my long hair, which I`m wearing in a bun in my neck.
My feet are hidden in my favorite leather lace ups.

I`m going to a little book shop, look at all the books and read for an hour.
Afterwards I`m going to buy a snack and a coffee at the next bakery.
I`m sitting on a bench, watching people passing by.
After I enjoyed my snack I`m going to the little vintage shop around the corner. I`m trying on all the beautiful clothes, pretending I have an occasion for every single one of them to wear.
My boyfriend comes to pick me up. We`re going to buy sandwiches and fresh fruit and pastry for lunch, which we are enjoying at a park.

We`re sitting in the sun reading, talking, laughing and completely loosing track of time.

The air gets colder and the sun is about to set.
Our friends are joining us and we`re all going to make a big fire.
We`re spending the rest of the evening sitting by the fire, telling stories, and eating.

That`s my autumnal dream.
What does yours look like?



  1. Lovely entry. :)

    That cupcake looks awesome, did you make it?

    My autumnal dream is sunny (though not too warm), so I can go for a walk, taking a couple of photos and them going home to enjoy a nice cup of tea.
    I love the scent of cinnamon and apple in autumn. :)

  2. i love you Lotta. :)
    gosh you are so much like me! :) i love your Autumnal dream, i love this post! This is like something Maya and i would talk about in the early mornings on our walks in the Autumn, we'd ask each other "what would you do today if you could do anything!?" :) ahh i miss my twin!

    any way! your photos are beautiful and that cupcake looks so delicious! Your autumnal dream is perfect, i could picture each thing your wrote about, and my dream would be so so similar! :)

    ~ waking up cozy in my home nice and early making delicious fresh fig and apple oats with perfectly hot and good coffee in my favorite mug and bowl, enjoyed alone while reading blogs and listen to relaxing music.
    Then I'd go to into the city with a friend; wearing my favorite outfit, browse around and have money to buy a few items ;) I'd feel happy and free and confident! out to lunch at a little cafe order what I want! ;) and then sit on a bench in central park and just people watch, laugh and chat with my best friend or Maya for hours! Lastly my day would be ended with watching a favorite movie and a cup of tea with honey cozy at home.

    sorry haha that was long! :)
    love you,


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