Sonntag, 5. September 2010

Like a feather

Normally, I`m not a fan of radio music. But I really like this song and listened to it quite a few times, today.
You have to listen really careful, the lyrics are great!

It really got me to thinking about feathers...

" She was always like a feather.
I never knew if she was flying or falling.
I hope she flies."

It inspired me to do  this picture.
I`m not good at drawing, but sometimes I get inspired and just want bring something on a paper!

(the 3 Pictures above are from

I am in love with feathers, today. They are beautiful, everyone is one of a kind and has its own way.

It can fall down, but the wind is going to pick it up again..

Life is hard, and some days are even harder.

My feather is flying not falling!

Love, Lotta

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  1. Lovely pictures. :)

    I don't listen to the radio, either, but I knew this song, too. I think it's not too bad, the acoustic version is better than the studio one. :)


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