Mittwoch, 29. September 2010

One week of creativity and indipendence

My parents and my little sister went to Italy, to visit my nonno, yesterday.
I decided to stay at home. My brother is here, too, but he works (shifts) and my boyfriend, who works, too, moved in with me for this week.
I made this decision because I wanted to know how it feels like, taking care of myself and becoming more indipendent.
I knew it wouldn`t be easy. We`re a big family, so there`s always someone around, which gives me a lot of security.
But I want to get that security from myself.

So far, it`s pretty good. Sure, sometimes it`s weird and I feel a bit lonely during the day, but I think I`m doing ok.

So I have a lot of time, and I`m trying to keep myself busy with household keeping, cooking, baking, knitting, playing the piano and stuff.
A few things I made, so far:

Crochet head band with bow.
I made it with this great tutorial

Knitted wrist warmers with crochet bows.

Carrot cake.
Seriously, I was very sceptic about this recipe, because it`s vegan, but this cake is amazingly delicious.
It was still warm, when I ate my first piece and it`s so light and fluffy and tasty..perfect!

You need:

400g grounded carrots
400g spelt or whole wheat flour
200g brown sugar
1 tbsp cinnamon
juice and zest of 1 lemon 
1 package baking powder
200ml sunflower/rapeseed  oil

Preheat oven to 180 °C.
Just mix all ingridients together, and fill in a round cake tin.
Bake for 40 minutes and allow to cool on a rack before you eat the first (and best) piece!

My boyfriend and I made this pumpkin. Doesn`t it looks just like Jack Skellington from " Nightmare before Christmas"
We`re probably going to watch the movie tonight, like every year around this time.

So, that was about it.
I`m in a very productive mood. 
Which is good, because I`m going to be a student, starting next week.
I got accepted at this special academy for creative writing.
It`s a special academy, where you can only make long-distance studying.
I am so happy and very excited!



  1. Oh, I hope you have fun in your indepentent time. I would, if I had the chance to. :)
    Btw, ich love The Nightmare Before Christmas, it's an amazing movie, though (or because) I don't like Christmas. :)

  2. hey lovely!
    I am so glad you are keeping busy with all those wonderful things, that Crochet head band is so cute, i love it! and that vegan carrot cake looks amazing..i must make it, i love carrot cake! :)

    i know what you mean about finding security within is so hard to be secure with yourself although other people can provide that security for you, you must find your own sense of security to be able to let go of your ED and feel more free in life....

    :D that SO wonderful to hear about the special academy for creative writing, i am so proud of you and i love your writing so i Know you will do so great at this!! :D you have so many talents <3

    oh + love the pumpkin, reminds me of when i was little and for Halloween we'd make Jack-o-lanterns out of pumpkins and carve them and make faces :D i love Holloway, so much fun ! :)

    love you girly


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