Montag, 6. September 2010


which fall on our lives, are nothing but a sign that there has to be light somewhere, 
and it`s worth to look for it.

A few things I really love these days....

Starting the day with a warm bowl of autumnal oats.

Looking at my favorite picture of my nonni, nonno and zia.

Playing with my camera and a feather.

Tying my hair with a ribbon.

Making owl cards and sending them to friends.

What little things bring light in your day?



  1. I love that card and the picture of the feather you made. :)

    Music brings light in my day, no matter if I listen to it or if I play the guitar, I always feel better afterwards.

  2. Tolle Bilder!
    Die Eulenpostkarte ist eine super Idee! Werd ich mir merken!

  3. Oh, das Familienfoto ist ja herzallerliebst!!!!

  4. hello lovie,
    WOW, these photos are all phenomenal! you are so talented! :) i am in love with your owl cards so amazing!
    i love all the little things that bring light into your day as well, tying my hair in a ribbon and eating a hot bowl of Autumnal oats! + doing art and looking at photos and taking photos!
    I also love to go on walks and sit and people watch and journal or to write short stories! i think the little things in life are what we should be the most thankful for.

    love you,


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