Dienstag, 14. September 2010

Tea Time

Well, well, well,
last week I`ve watched one of my favorite movies, twice.
In "You`ve got mail", Kathleen sits depressed in a "fox books store" (after closing her own book store) and a women talks to a salesperson, because she was searching for the "shoe books". The young man had no idea, but Kathleen heard it and said, the "Shoe books" are wonderful, they`re written by Noel Streatfeild and she would start with reading "Ballet Shoes", because it`s her favorite.

So, I bought "ballet shoes" and I`m reading it for the past couple of days. It`s a wonderful book, I love it!
I read a lot and when I`m reading a good book, I`m like always in the book. For the past couple of days I feel like I live in London in the 1930ies.
They`re always having teatime, of course.
So, I thought I want to have that, too.
I made a little afternoon teaparty with my mom and sister, yesterday.

We had spicy chai tea, little cucumber sandwiches and daddy`s cake (it`s a normal biscuit cake, my dad`s favorite, that`s why we call it that way).

So, I`m definetely having more afternoon tea`s.
I`m also searching and trying out some recipes, maybe shortbread....I`ll keep you posted!

As I`m in a very autumny mood, my hair needed an autumnal look, as well.
I dyed it with henna, it makes it really shiny and soft, I love it!
And that`s me with my autumnal hair, wearing my favorite autumn shirt, which I`m wearing all the time, lately. My lipstick matches my hair, I love that, too!



  1. :) lotta! ahh one of my favorite movies is "you've got mail" !! ahh its the best, and makes me so happy! we are really so alike! :) also in that movie, the cafe that Kathleen is supposed to meet him at is a cafe in NY called cafe lalo which is one of my favorite places!! :D

    any way, you are soo beautiful! i love love love your hair :) it looks perfect and suits you so nicely! + matching lips to hair, i love that as well, you are so lovely, i really wish we lived closer! :)

    oh and that shortbread and tea looks so delicious and so pretty!


  2. That's a pretty picture, I like the reddish tone in your hair. :)

    Actually, I was thinking about having tea time, too, because I sip my grean tea while doing homework or being on the internet, so it's quite a stressy atmosphere. I would like to have someone to take time for a tea break with.


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