Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2010

Fresh air, beautiful colors and silence... what I need every now and then.
My family is back from Italy, and we made a little trip to the woods, today. We`re doing this since I was little. I`m telling you, there`s nothing more relaxing, inspiring, and comforting as a day in the nature.
I took my camera with me and was able to capture some impressions.

What`s your tip for total relaxation and inspiration?

Thanks for all the kind comments, by the way, it means so much to me!

A lot of Love,


  1. Lotta,
    Firstly thank you lovie for your wonderful comment on my blog post, it really helped me, you are amazing...and i will definitely do a post with things i love without talking about my Anorexia!

    Any way! WOW these photos are breathtaking! you are so talented with photography and i am in love with your outfit in that photo, i love that scarf and the head scarf + plaid is my favorite, you are stunning and so adorable.. :)
    i can't wait till the day i can come to switzerland or you come to NY! :D

    my tips for relaxation and inspiration are: watching movies that make me happy.
    talking to friends or my mom.
    journalling or writing short stories :)
    going on walks in town or by the river!
    *thanks for reminding me, i should do some of these things now! ;)


  2. the photos are awesome - love them!
    my tip: reading a good book with cozy pyjamas in a cpzy bed and drinking hot chocolat while doing.

  3. Beautiful photos! I was just in the mountains of Sedona AZ and was just astounded by the natural beauty :) Nature is amazing isn't it!?!?


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