Mittwoch, 27. Oktober 2010

Wednesday-Favorite-Special: Music

My favorite music.
 I decided to do a post about music this morning. So, I went through my cd`s and ipod the whole day.
And well, I became really emotional...

My first cd was from the "The Kelly Family", I think I was about 7 years old.
With 10, I was really into Britney Spears, but then decided to hate her, when I read in a magazine, that she had her nose and boobs done =)!

When I was 11, I had my first boyfriend and he was really into rock music.
He took me to this small rock festival in our town, which takes place every summer.
I remember this, like it was yesterday, it was the last day before summer break.
He walked me home, and then gave me a mix-cd he made for me.
Of course, I listened to this cd all summer long and it was the beginning of my love to rock music.

I started to listen to Nirvana when I was like 12 years old, and yes, I fell in love with kurt cobains voice and lyrics.

So, I think the cd I listened the most in my life is Nirvanas "Unplugged in New York".
I still love it and this is my favorite song, it gives me goosebumps everytime I hear it...

With 15 I got more and more into Indie. I listened to a lot of the Strokes, Muse, Mando Diao,the Kooks  and the Hives, which I`ve all seen live at the Southside festival. And, yes, I shook Gustafs (from Mando Diao) hand and I have his autograph on my favorite pants. Well, I was 16 and he is hot!=)
I went to a lot of concerts when I was 16-18, and I was always in the front row and touched as many musicians as possible! 
Now with 20 I just touch one musician, which is my boyfriend!

The first concert , I saw together with my boyfriend was Anti Flag, I will never forget that!

I also discovered Conor Oberst from Bright Eyes and seen him live in 2008 which was great. 
This is my favorite Bright Eyes song, which I still listen a lot.

Another all-time favorite, and probably one of the cds I listen most of the time, is the soundtrack of my favorite movie "Le fabueux déstin d`Amélie Poulain", just because it`s so beautiful.

This post makes me realize how much I miss going to concerts. The screaming and waiting, the movement of the crowd, the smell of sweat and beer....

You see, music is very, very important to me.
 It was very hard to narrow it down, because I could go on and on about music!
Every special memory is connected with a song, and every phase of my life has its own soundtrack.

Last, but not least a song which is on my current top list.
I hope you had fun, and you enjoy my wednesday-specials?



  1. Very interesting entry, my dear. :)

    Nirvana, Bright eyes - especially the track "First Day of My Life" -, The Kooks and Yann Tiersen are one of the interprets I am proud of having in my collection.

    I wanted to write a music-evaluation of my own once, but I always forget that and then it gets hectical and messy... I guess you know how it's like.

    I'm glad your getting healthier.

    Love, Heng

  2. hello lovie,
    :) this was so interesting to read and learn more about you! Such a great post! music is such a wonderful thing, it brings you back to specific memories and times in your life...just a single song can trigger the happiest memory, and sometimes a sad memory.
    I love your taste in music, you are so cool ;) and your boyfriends band, that is So awesome! thank you for sharing this with us. love you babe.


  3. amazing ! ; )
    your blog is very interesting ! ; **

    if you want , follow me and write a comment ; *

  4. amazing ! ; )
    your blog is very interesting ! ; **

    if you want , follow me and write a comment ; *

  5. I have never seen that video for "first day of my life". LOVE IT!

  6. nirvana live unplugged is one of my favorite albums too!


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