Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010


I`ve decided to do a little "favorite-special" every wednesday.

Favorite Autumn Outfit:

Studded suede boots ; bought in Bern.
Belt; Zara.

Dress, cardigan, tights and scarf; h&m

Owl necklace; gift from a friend
braided hair

I`m wearing this outfit, or these pieces, all the time. I love the colors and it`s warm and comfy. I like to wear layers and I`m always wearing a scarf in autumn/winter. I have tons of scarves. I think it`s my favorite accessory.
At the moment, I really hate my hair, so I like to make a little braid on the side, to keep my bangs out mof my face. I really, really want my hair to grow long again.

And I just ate a Larabar and found out, which my favorite flavor is, guess what?
Apple pie!

Lovely wednesday to all!



  1. I love your outfit! Its is so autumn-y! autumn has the best fashions! :)
    The colors are stunning(so Are you! wow, so beautiful!) I love layers, scarves! I really love that scarf, maybe they have it here in the USA H&M's :) i hope!
    love the apple lara :)


  2. You look pretty in those clothes. :)

    I am looking for a very warm long cardigan right now, because it's freezing in here. -.- So maybe I'll have a favourite-outfit by the next weeks. :)

  3. I absolutely love your style - the layers and colours and scarf and hair, it's lovely :)
    (the garden you are in is lovely too).


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