Freitag, 19. November 2010

The Friday morning walk

I just came home from my walk.
It rained a lot the last few days, so everything it`s wet and foggy, which looks beautiful and magical.
These walks are very relaxing, everything is so peaceful and quiet...all I can hear is the birds, the clicking of my shoes and the voices in my head.

There`s this window, I always pass, which is beautifully decorated.

There`s a house, which looks like the house of a witch.
When we were little, we were so scared, so we always ran, because we`re afraid the witch could come out.
I`m not scared anymore, but I have to say, I still wonder if a witch lives there...

Apples hanging in the tree like christmas decoration.

Happy Friday!



  1. Beautiful pictures, Lotta! I especially like the one with the lake - it looks like a fairy tale!

  2. Ich liebe diese Fotos! Du bist so gut mit fotographie! :)

    Ich hoffe du hast ein wunderbares tag!


    P.S. hast du mein "comment reply" bekommen? Ich weiß noch nicht wie wordpress funktioniert...

  3. Danke Scott, nein ich habe kein "comment reply" bekommen.=)


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