Mittwoch, 24. November 2010

I`m starting to feel the christmas spirit

I know it`s not even december yet, but I`m in such a christmasy mood....
For me, this means:

Baking sweet treats


Spending the dark evenings kitting, crocheting, felting and reading, unfortunately we don`t have a fire place, but knitting in front of a fire place would be so perfect.

(felt flowers, I made for christmas decoration in the pharmacy my mom works at)

Beginning to decorate for christmas

Ah I just love this time of the year...I love to prepare christmas presents for my lovies and everything...

Right now I`m daydreaming about living in a cabin with a fire place, surrounded by nothing but snow and a little town, and do nothing but cuddling with my boyfriend, going for walks, cooking, baking, eating, knitting and reading.....

Do you feel the christmas vibe yet?



  1. Your cake looks amazing, the hearts are so cute. :)
    I'm really looking forward to meeting you in Hamburg, but I would prefer to meet on Saturday, because a friend of mine is playing a role in a theatre on Sunday afternoon and I promised her to be there. Is that okay with you?

    But I don't feel the Christmas-vibe yet, I still feel autumn-y (though it's started to snow the day before yesterday).


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