Dienstag, 30. November 2010

Lotta goes crazy....

....about christmas!
(or maybe it`s just the sugar rush from all the cookies and chocolates I eat)
I`m acting like a little child, when christmas comes closer.
I love keeping the presents secret, I love baking and decorating, watching old christmas movies and listening to chrismas music....

(Christmas Rose)

Well, tomorrow is the first of december, and that means opening the first little bag from my advent calendar.

My Mom is filling it every year with little goodies.
My brother and my sister have one, too..I know I`m 20, but I insist on having it because it is a tradition.
Getting up in the morning, searching for the right bag and open it with joy...it`s a ritual.
I have a lot of rituals..maybe I`ll share some more rituals of mine, sometime...

So, I`m looking forward to tomorrow morning and, of course, I`m going to show you some of my little presents during the next 24 days until christmas!

Do you have an advent calendar, too?
What are your christmas rituals?



  1. Oh what a lovely adventcalendar!! We never really celebrated christmas at home, so I never had things like that. Don't really know anything about the christmas spirit.

  2. You advent calendar looks so cute! I've never seen this kind before! I'm used to those with tiny doors in them. My little brother (7yrs) has it every year. He gets things like small pencils, erasers, key rings and laser pointers. I'm curious to see what a 20-year-old lady gets in her calendar=))

  3. I love your advent calendar!!! I have one, but I don't know if we have found it yet :/ moving....




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