Donnerstag, 25. November 2010

My Thanksgiving

I cooked my second Thanksgiving today.
We usually don`t celebrate Thanksgiving in Switzerland, but I did it for the first time two years ago, because it always looked so good in the movies. And decided to do it again, this year.

My homemade cranberry chutney

Table decoration


Brussel sprouts and carrots


Roast Turkey


Mashed potatoes, turkey, cranberry chutney, brussel sprouts and carrots

My cat mau enjoyed some turkey, too

Linzertorte for desert

So, guys, that was my Thanksgiving.

I am really thankful for my suportive family, my loving boyfriend, my adorable cat, my save and cozy home and of course my dear readers!
Thank you!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!



  1. I've never celebrated Thanksgiving, and I've never tried cranberry chutney, but I'd love to take part in your celebration, as everything looks just delicious! I'm especially in love with the first picture<3

  2. your thanksgiving looks so good! I am glad you enjoyed such amazing food :)



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