Mittwoch, 10. November 2010

Wednesday-Favorite-Special: Favorite 5 things

I wasn`t sure, what I wanted to do my wednesday-special about.
So, I sat in my room on my bed, and looked around.
Well, here my current 5 favorite things in my room.


My bree bag. 
It`s a leather tote. I love the texture and the color.
It is simple but beautiful and has enough space for all the unnecessary stuff I carry around.


My diary/scrapbook.
I`ve always wrote a lot.
My diary is filled with little notes, things that inspire me, reports about my days, souvenirs, poems and quotes.


A garland.
I made it the past weekend and I love it!
It really brightens up my room.


A letter.
My boyfriend wrote it to me for our 4 year anniversary.
I use it as a bookmark and often read it before I go to sleep.


My bed.
I`m really tired at the moment and I want to spend a lot of time in my beautiful cozy bed.

So, I hope you enjoy getting to know a little about me...

What are your 5 favorite things at the moment?



    it looks sooo comfortable!
    I want something like that, too.
    so awesome.

  2. WOW, i LOVE your bed, so so stunning..All your photos are so beautiful <3 and i love your 5 favorite things, everything is so special!

    I as well currently am loving my bed ;P although it's not that kind to me lol i still enjoy the few hrs of sleep i get in it!

    same too with my journal, i Always am journaling each day i try to write how i am feeling, inspiring things, collages, and doodles!

    i am loving also loving each Tuesday when i go to my studio painting class @ school and i learn more, and become better at painting each week! + it is really so cathartic for me to do art. :)

    + loving watching mad men re-runs
    ( my favorite show ever!)

    love you so much,

  3. How sweet that he wrote you a letter! Things like that make my heart melt<3
    4 years! It's a lot of time, when you think about it. Though, me and my boyfriend are getting there too...

  4. I love this post.
    Made me wanna repost it, which i now did.
    love your blog, too! linked it to my new post

    :) love , steffi


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