Mittwoch, 3. November 2010

Wednesday-Favorite-Special: Favorite things to do on a wednesday morning

I think wednesday is one of my favorite days of the week.
I just spent a perfect wednesday morning. 

1. Throwing on a pair of denim shorts with tights and a cozy plaided shirt.

2. Riding to the farmersmarket, with my mom, on our bikes, and buying fresh veggies, cheese, yoghurt and pumpkin-ravioli for lunch.

3. Stopping at this beautiful café.

4. Drinking espresso macchiato and eating a waffle and having a great talk with my mom.

5. Riding home, unpack all the treasures we bought and cooking the fresh ravioli for lunch (sorry, I was very hungry and forgot to take a picture).

What`s your favorite day of the week and how do you spend it?



  1. hey lovely,
    gosh, can i come into this post and join you and your mom! ;) your Wednesday sounds like Absolute perfection! like a "dream day" I'd wish for :) what could be better than looking gorgeous + going to the market and getting great autumnal produce + enjoying an espresso and the yummiest looking waffle ever ;) + with great company of a loved one! oh and pumpkin ravioli is my favorite!
    your photos are so, so beautiful by the way!

    my favorite day of the week is definitely Thursday.
    i only have one class in the morning, then i am free the rest of the day, yet i usually don't anything too exciting, just errands like going to whole foods or trader joe's etc...lately just resting that day.
    But every Saturday i go into the city, becasue my younger brother takes an art class, and i tag along, then wonder off for a bit :) so, Saturdays are nice as well!

    long comment sorry! ;)
    love you So much

    PS: i am serious about coming into your day ;P i am going to book a flight to Switzerland as soon as i can afford it ;) lol.

  2. Hello, Lotta! What a nice blog you have, so original! I just love the picture of you looking (exactly) like Amelie! And of course, all the recepies - i just might try those Ginger cookies you posted aboot, it doesn't seem too hard!xxx

  3. What an amazing day! It sounds like the perfect day to me too! :)

    I love the espresso Macchiatto :) In my opinion, it brings out the flavors of the coffee in milk, without overpowering it. Very very tasty indeed :)

    And those pictures are GREAT! I love it!


  4. i hope i am not leaving too many comments! i adore your blog! flannel and shorts and tights is the best outfit combo ever, so cozy and warm!


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