Mittwoch, 17. November 2010

Wednesday-Special-Favorite: Books, books and books

I think it is obvious, that I love books.
I`m studying literary writing, so I write and read a lot and I always have.
My mom has some cute letters from me, which I wrote when I was like 6 years old.
I`m always carrying a book with me, because you never know if you might have time to read. And a book is always a great object to hide behind, because I hate smalltalk with people I bump into in the bus.
So, if you see me hiding behind a book, I don`t want to talk to you, sorry!

Impressions from the local bookstore.

Ah, bookstores...I could spend days in bookstores. I love the atmosphere, the smell of new (and old) books, all the titles and words and is magical!
I wish, "The bookstore around the corner", from "You`ve got mail" were just around my corner.
I like libraries, too, but it`s not the same...
I like to own the books.

I could go on and on about books, but I don`t want to bore you, my dear readers, so I put together a little "list".

The last book I finished:

"Ballet Shoes"- Noel Streatfeild

It`s a childrens book. I read it in english.
The story is great and it`s beautifully written.

The book I`m currently reading:

" Eat. Pray. Love"- Elizabeth Gilbert

It`s about a women, in search of herself. She decides to travel around the world to find her inner peace.
She does, what everyone is dreaming about.
It`s a true story and the movie (with Julia Roberts) just came out. I`m definitely going to see it, after I finished reading it.

Books from my favorite writers:

Federica de Cesco (Die Augen des Schmetterlings)
Paul Auster (The New York Trilogy)
Nick Hornby (A long way down)
John Irving (The world according to Garp)
Banana Yoshimoto (Eidechse)
Milena Moser (Flowers in your hair)

I`ve read almost every book by these writers. Except Federica de Cesco, because she`s written like 90 books. But I actually met her at a reading. I adore this women, she is from Switzerland, but travelled the world. She writes about strong women from different cultures.

Paul Auster is a brilliant man. I love everything he writes, which all takes place in NYC. He has this special ability to make complicated stories simple.

Nick Hornby has this great sense of humor. "A long way down" is about a bunch of people who meet on a rooftop, because everyone of them wants to commit suicide. All his books are very critical and funny. Also great are: About a boy, Slam, How to be good and High Fidelity.

John Irving`s books are crazy. Every single person in his books is really weird and they do disturbing things ( like a brother and a sister having sex). In my opinion his best books are: The world according to garp, the hotel new hampshire, a widow for one year and until I find you.

Banana Yoshimoto, is a japanese writer. All her books are amazing, and I think her name is the best!
She really manages to give a great insight in the japanese culture, paired with great stories.

Milena Moser is also a Swiss writer. She lived in San Francisco for several years, does yoga and is sarcastic. Do I have to say more? When I read her books, I want to jump in it!

4. Favorite book series

"Tales of the City"- Armistead Maupin

It is a series of seven books, I own five of them.
I read this books again and again.
It`s about very different caracters, love, friendship, freedom and the love to San Francisco.
It goes on for like 30 years. 
When I read these books (and other great books), I`m like high. I`m completely in the story and not on this world anymore.

That`s the most wonderful thing about reading:
You can dive in an other world and be whoever you want!

So I`m off to the couch, with my book, a cup of tea and a cozy blanket!
Happy reading everyone!



  1. Great taste in literature, Lotta! I read a lot too, and I recognize a lot of my favorites among your books, what a warming feeling! Nowadays people don't read as much as they used to..
    *shakes your hand*

  2. I love John Tiring books too! Now i am going to have to ass Milena Moser to my "must read" list. Thanks!

  3. i adore the ballet shoes book! i was just at the library and got arm-fulls of books.


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