Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

The Christmastree

My dad, my sister and I are always picking out the christmas tree together.
So, this morning we drove to a little village in Germany.
It was freezing and as you can see, there`s a little snow, here and there.

Everytime we say, we`d buy a small tree.
And we end up with an even bigger one than last year.

We also have a heart for the not-so-perfect trees. 
Ours is always a little crooked and weird, but lovable.

I think most important is the smell and the color.

Of course, we don`t decorate it now, it has to wait outside until the 23th.

Did you buy or decorate your christmas tree already?



  1. What a beautiful tree!!!!! We just bought one on Friday but won't decorate it for another week or so. I love fresh Christmas trees - they smell wonderful and are so pretty!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Your tree is beautiful! Our tree is always quite imperfect too=)

  3. What a beautiful little town! It sounds like an amazing time :)



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