Mittwoch, 15. Dezember 2010

Coffee talk...

I just had coffee and a vanilla-cream croissant with my mom and we had a really good talk.

We saw a talkshow yesterday evening, a really good and interesting one.
There was a couple invited ,who wrote a book together...They explained a bit, what it`s about.
 Their message is, that personality has nothing to do with education.
Sure, education is important, don`t get me wrong. But there`s a thing you just have or don`t have..
Some people go through school with good grades, graduate from university and get well payed jobs in big firms.
But, who put the economy in such a bad place?
And who still gets a big bonus every year, without hesitating, when everybody else is scared for their jobs...?

That clearly shows a lack of personality!

What I want to say, is that it`s more important, to have a good personality...for me, this means:
to have your own opinion and say it, to fight for the weak, to be true to yourself, to have your own principles.

Some of you know me, some of you don`t...
But I want to tell you my story, because I`m ready and I want to be a rolemodel and show the world, that it`s possible to be "different".
I think it`s very important for our generation to change some settings of our society.

My Story

I was born as the first of three childs. 
My father is an italian car mechanic and my swiss mom is a pharmaceutical assistant, they got together in school when they were 15.
I was a good and healthy child. My love to words began in the early age of 6, I always expressed myself through the written words. I always had a strong opinion and knew what I wanted.
Some may say I am stubborn.
I`d say my blood is more italian than swiss.
I was a very shy girl, on the outside. I was never one who loved to be in the spotlight.
I was told I was intelligent and pretty.

Puberty came and I started to change.
The shy child became a rebellious teenager.
I started to listen to Nirvana and admired Che Guevara, I read Hamlet with age 14.
I was always honest, even if it wasn`t the best thing to do.
But school became harder and harder for me...Every teacher said I could do better with my intelligence, everyone thought I was lazy.
But that was not it!

Suddenly, there was a break!
I became weak and too thin.
 I was sick and pale.
I decided to drop out of school with age 18.
I just didn`t fit in...

All my friends were still in school and I tried to find something for me...
I wanted to be a writer, since I was very little..
But without my graduation, I wasn`t allowed to go to the university.
So I decided to do a training to be a dressmaker, because I wanted to do something practical and creative.
I got a really good job at a well-known atelier and thought that was the right thing for me.
I started and really liked the work. But my workplace was awful.
The boss behaved like he was the king of the world, and everyone around him treated him that way.
The place was full with kiss-asses!
And that wasn`t my style at all....I don`t like to gossip and I don`t like to act like something I`m not.
One thing led to another and I found out, that a lot of things didn`t go right...
The trainees were used and harassed.
I couldn`t stand this situation and wanted to make my point.
I said my opinion and I became the idiot.

The situation got worse and made me sick.
Then, it was very easy for my boss to just fire me, because I was "sick".

That was a year ago.
And it probably was the hardest year of my live!
But more and more, I realize what the important things are...

Yes, I didn`t finish school.
Yes, I got fired.
Yes, a lot of people don`t like or understand me.
Yes, I still have a lot of problems.

I`m not stupid or crazy and I don`t like to be treated that way.
I know what I want in live and I`m not willing to just shut my mouth about everything!
I have my own goals and principles and I`m on a path to myself!

I`m no longer willing to hide!
I feel different and like a outsider, when I look at most of the people my age. 
But the fact, that I rather like to spend my weekends being creative than clubbing, or that I prefer to be surounded by people who really know and appreciate me,than have tons of friends, or I don`t like alcohol doesn`t mean that I am weird and not normal!

And I no longer want to be judged by everyone who doesn`t know a thing about me!

I have a lot to give and I am full of passion!

I just wanted to share this , my dear readers, because I feel like I owe this to you out there!
And I want to encourage everyone, to find yourself and not to hide, to fight and to speak up!
Don`t be afraid to be different and follow your own path!
Always try to get the best out of you!



  1. You seem very strong to me due to standing up for yourself, not fitting in and having the power to keep on.
    Unfortunately there are only few people to be as self-honest and couragous as you are. I think you should be proud of yourself, you are very special and I appreciate a person like you, I really do.

  2. Wow..i loved this! Thank you for this wonderful post- so, inspiring!
    you ARE such an amazing writer, always with so many amazing things to share!

    you are incredibly bright, Beautiful, talented, lovely & lovable, just so wonderful in millions of ways :) + i've never "met" you, but i feel like i have, through writing w/ you and your blog etc!

    i loved reading these words-
    "And I no longer want to be judged by everyone who doesn't know a thing about me!" - :D yesss!

    love love you!
    you CAN and WILL do anything and everything you wish in your precious life! you are a star :) + have SO many wonderful things waiting for you! i know Nothing will stop you!
    I am so proud of you babe for getting out more and experiencing Life for real!!
    you are such an inspiration to me.. :)


  3. Thanks so much for sharing your story! You are so amazing :)

    I am so inspired by your determination and passion. I just love it! You are such an amazing person and I know you have so many wonderful things ahead of you :)



  4. This is quite a magnificent post. You are the sort of person who makes the world more interesting :)
    And I highly respect you for standing up for your principles.

    I think there is a lot of pressure put on people to "be good" - to do as they are 'told' by those who are in a higher position, and it takes a lot of courage to say "this is not right".

    There seem to be so many 'rules' in life, particularly around the late teens/early twenties age bracket: to finish school, go to university, get a stable job etc etc... enjoy social drinking, like loud parties.... But there are alternative (and often more interesting)ways of living and getting where you want to be. It may be a struggle at times, but I'd rather follow my own path, and see all the small beauties that it reveals to me, than follow some pre-determined mapped out route. I my be poor just now, but I'm trying to follow what I love.

    In all honesty, I think an independant spirit such as your is much, much more valuable than finishing school.
    Be proud of yourself :)

    PS. Your hair looks magnificent.

  5. What an interesting post! The story of your life is very unusual, yet fascinating. You seem to be a very strong person, since the decisions you had to take weren't very easy. I'm sure you will succeed anything, really. And, of course, it's all about what you want, not what's "normal".

  6. Hi Lotta! (I found your blog through Swedish Love Affair by the way)

    What a great post! I think it's very very important to be who/what you think you are...and stand up for what you believe in. Great people are not measured by how many diplomas or paychecks they have. I know quite a lot people with doctorate degrees that seem to know less about the world than a little child. And I know fantastic people that didnt make it past the fourth grade that have worked hard to be the happy and valuable members of a community (like my grandma!)

    I really enjoyed reading this post...I'll keep visiting. :-)

  7. It takes a lot of courage to be different than others. And i really admire people who say what they think no matter what. If you have a bachelor or something like that it doesn't mean you're a better person but still a lot of people think this way and I think it's kind of sad. But on the other hand it's just what some people expect you to do (My dad didn't pay a thing during my year off because he was scared I could decide not to go to university at all)
    I'm sure you will make your way and be proud of yourself!

  8. <3 <3 really, speechless. you're just great and such a good person hon. i really do love and miss you!!
    please do always stay like you are now because you're great!!
    xoxo <3


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