Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010

Food for the soul!

There`s nothing more important than proper nutrition for your body and soul!
So, here`s a recipe:

Risotto with mushrooms and peas
serves 4

You need:

2 Cups Arborio (Risotto) Rice

A handful of mushrooms (champignons), washed and sliced
A handful of frozen peas
A handful of grated parmigiano
3 cups (vegetable) broth
1 tbsp olive oil

Salt, pepper and thyme

Sauté sliced mushrooms and peas in a pan with olive oil for a few minutes, add the rice and sauté 
carefully until the rice seems glassy.

Add broth, the rice has to be covered.
Let cook for about 20 minutes.
It`s very important to stir regularly and constantly add more broth if needed.
You have to be very careful, otherwise it burns easily!

Try some rice, it should be soft but not too soft.
If it`s the way you like it, turn off the heat and add some grated parmigiano.
Season with salt, pepper and thyme.

Cover up and let rest for 5 minutes before you serve it.

There you have a tasteful, healthy and warming meal for your soul and body!

You can add whatever you like to your risotto (instead of the peas and mushrooms), it`s very versatile.

I know I have a lot of "quiet" readers, but please don`t be shy...I love reading your comments!
I have a hair-dressers appointment on monday, so you`ll see what I decided to do with my hair!

Happy Weekend!



  1. The food looks really tasty!
    and I thought I'd cut your hair already!=))
    good luck then<3

  2. this looks soo good, i will definitely make this soon. thank you!!

  3. that looks SO delicious!! I have got to try it :)

    Thanks! Have a great week,



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