Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2010

My Dr. Martens

As I told you yesterday, I made myself a christmas present, too. This is actually just an excuse to buy something pretty for me =)!
My first pair of Dr. Martens finally arrived today!
I always thought they are cool, but I have really tall feet and I`m really small, so I thought they`d look weird on me.
I love stuff with history and Dr.Martens have a quite interesting one. 
The first Doc`s were produced in 1960 and they became a symbol for unique, comfortable and indestructable footwear.
They were worn by postmen, policemen and everyday workers, by punks and rebels and now also by the average girl and boy!

They`re black, with 8 wholes and a stamped flower pattern.

And that`s how they look on my feet!

I can`t wait to wear them with girly dresses and lace.
I love soft and feminine clothes, but I also need a little rock`n`roll!



  1. Wowee im in love with you doc's!! Their amaze :) And so is your blog,so quaint! <3 S.

  2. AHH Lotta, this is too funny! i was telling my Mom how i would love to buy myself a pair of Doc Martins! hehe. :)
    I have never had a pair before, but always admired them on people. So versatile and fun to wear with girly outfits, dresses, tights, cool socks, lace etc...!!
    I also love feminine clothes with a rocker edge!


  3. They're really pretty. :)
    Actually, I got my first pair of Docs this year, too, but they are just black an 3-holes, so not as dressy as yours, but I reaaaaally love mine. ♥
    You know which ones I consider the most lovely ones? The 8-holes in bordeau-red. Just awesome.

  4. these are really cool! And it is funny this is the second shoe post I read in a row ;)

    Enjoy the shoes and happy new year!


  5. Those were soo pretty :) I wish for a pair just like that!

  6. love the docs. one of the happiest moments of my life was when i found a pair for $6 at a thrift store. i imagine they formerly belonged to some ba punk rocker.


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