Montag, 6. Dezember 2010

St. Nicholas

Today is St. Nicholas day.
Here in Switzerland, this is a day we celebrate.
St. Nicholas (who looks like Santa Clause) comes, talks to the kids and those who have been good through the year are getting a bag with peanuts, chocolates and little presents. 

I opened bag number 6 from my advent calendar today and got....

Chocolate Santas

We decorated the table with chocolates and clementines.

And baked "Grätimänner" (Bread Guys), which are eaten around the 6th of december.

After dinner, we found a backpack outside the door. There was a bag for everyone in it.

Mine was filled with chocolates and a very cute christmas book.

Then we ate the "Bread guy" with butter and drank christmas tea.

Now, we`re going to watch one of my favorite christmas movies,  "Miracle on 34th Street".

Do you celebrate this day, too?

Happy St. Nicholas!



  1. ohmygoodness i love this!-so lovely! :) all the treats look so delicious...this is such a wonderful holiday! And actually as a kid i celebrated St.Nicholas day! :) i dont think it's common in the US but i remember putting out a gold/wooden shoe(?) :) at night and in the morning there would be chocolates and such in it..i think?
    i am so happy to see you enjoying the holidays, it brings a much needed smile to my face :) i wish i was in Switzerland with you ;)!!


    enjoy your night and the movie! <3

  2. Hm, we don't celebrate this day at all=/ I feel really cheated now though, because I really like those bread guys!! Oh how I'd like myself one of those (the one with the hat is my favorite<3)!!

  3. I don't usually celebrate this, but I have in German class and it is so fun!

    Glad you had a great day :)



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