Samstag, 4. Dezember 2010

A very unusual Post

My dear Readers,
I promise to never bother you with a post like this, again.
But, I need some advice, hair wise.

I`ve done a lot of things with my hair. I had it black, red, blonde and all shades of brown. I had it long, short, and everything between.

I cut it really short (for the second time) last spring and then grew it out, now I have like a chin-lenght and wanted to grow it long....
But, like everytime, I feel like cutting it short, again.
I think I feel prettier with short hair, it`s very easy to style and it`s a little different, which I like, too.

I made my boyfriend promise, to stop me, if I wanted to cut it...
But, actually this isn`t going to stop me.
He`ll be "mad" for a while and then say, it`s pretty...
But I don`t know, what this is with guys liking long hair...
Well, here some pictures, to compare..
And I would really love to hear some oppinions.




Summer 2010

And that`s how I`d like it know:

Beautiful Carey Mulligan

I think a cut like this would fit me, because we have a similar head shape.

What do you guys think??



  1. I love love love your hair short! Not everyone can pull off this look and Im so envious of the people who can. I say…go for it!! you only live once, and you can always let it grow again!

    Lucie x

  2. wow you really really look like Carey Mulligan!! I love her, she is so gorgeous and one of my favorite actresses + YES that hair style would look amazing on you :)
    i love all the photos and the different hair styles you've had along the years :) i really love the last one of you on the bench with the pink skirt, So're SO stunning always! + you'd probably would look great bald ;P you!


  3. To start with, you are much (much) prettier than Carey Mulligan. And I'm not just saying it because i like you.
    Secondly, you being so pretty, you look great with all types of hair. But! You look soooo great with short hair. So feminine, fragile, naive, but also clever and unusual. And with long hair, you just look like a girl with long hair. Not that it's a bad thing=)
    I've never had long hair, but I'm trying to grow mine now=)

  4. Thanks girls <3...It`s great to hear that, because I really, really want to cut it =)
    xoxo Lotta

  5. ich find das kurze sehr schön an dir, also ran an die schere!
    obwohl ich mir einen kurzen amelie bob auch gut vorstellen kann ;)
    farbe find ich dunkel besser, aber du musst dich wohlfühlen, das ist die hauptsache!
    viel erfolg!


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