Montag, 31. Januar 2011


I often think about life and death, and I`m really not afraid of dying, but I`m afraid of being gone forever.
I wonder what comes after death and how it feels, if we can still feel something.
I kind of believe, of becoming one with the universe, when we`re death and that actually doesn`t sound that bad.

Two weeks ago I got the first tulip of the year, and took a picture of it, every other day.
To remind myself, that everything is evanescent.
Every flower, every being, every beauty!
But, luckily, I can capture it with my camera!


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Hallo! Schön das du dir die Zeit nimmst und mir einen Kommentar hinterlässt.
Bloss nicht schüchter sein, ich freue mich sowieso! Wenn du mir sonst lieber (oder auch) auf anderem Wege eine Nachricht hinterlassen möchtest, tu das via