Donnerstag, 27. Januar 2011

I am a night owl

I wish I could just go to bed early and have a peaceful and relaxing sleep, but that`s not the case at all.

My nights look more like this:

Going for a walk in the dark, quiet neighbourhood. I love it, when I just hear the sounds of my own steps and thoughts, and when I walk around for a while, whitouth seeing anybody.

Sitting in bed, killing hours with the internet, reading books, taking pictures or watching movies.

Cuddling up, trying to relax and turn off my head.

Getting up again, because it didn`t work...

And,  here I am...posting this.
I love the night, 
I love that the tv program is always better in the night,
I love being the only one awake,
I love eating mid-night snacks in my bed,
I love the silence,
I love feeling a warm, sleeping body next to mine,
I love the light of the moon and the stars,
I love hearing people talking in the street,
I love the crisp breeze from an open window,

but sometimes, I just want to sleep 8 hours without waking up and feel refreshed and energized in the morning!

What about you, are you a night owl or a good sleeper?



  1. i am quite the night owl. i usually go to sleep at 2:30am. it doesn't help that classes at school don't start until 2 on most days!

  2. so schön
    dein zimmer ist wunderschön, deine bilder sind so toll <3
    ganz liebe grüße :)


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