Donnerstag, 13. Januar 2011

I will not ever never eat a tomato!

One of my favorite kids tv show is "Charlie and Lola". 
Do you know them?
My sister got a dvd for christmas, and we`re watching it quite often ever since.
I wish I `d have a daughter like Lola some day.....

So, today I made green drops from greenland, cloud fluff and ocean nibbles from under the sea for lunch.

I`m lucky, because my sister isn`t as picky as Lola. But she does have her own taste and she`s used to good food.

I think it`s very important for kids to try all kind of food, but the grown ups should also respect the taste of the kids...
I never had to eat something I didn`t want to, or finish the plate.
My Mom had to sit in front of her soup for a whole afternoon, because she didn`t finish it. That is horrible and certainly not the right way to raise kids....

I`m cooking lunch like three or four times a week, when my Mom is working in the mornings.
I really enjoy this, and usually think of things my sister likes.
When she comes home from school, she`s always really really hungry. 
So, it`s best to have the food ready, because she gets angry when she`s hungry.

A peaceful, quiet child eating is always a compliment for the cook!



  1. ohmygosh! :) you're sister is SO adorable, and so beautiful just like her sister :D
    i love this post! That looks like the perfect kiddie lunch! your sister is very lucky to have such a wonderful sister like you!
    love the tv show, ahh sooo darling!- thanks for sharing it :)
    hope you're having a great day. xx

    love you

  2. oh, Charlie and Lola!! you got to love them. And your sister is so sweet!

  3. oh, Charlie and Lola!! you got to love them. And your sister is so sweet!

  4. your sister is so cute!!!!! And amazing photography as per the usual :)


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