Donnerstag, 20. Januar 2011

In the kitchen with Lotta

Do you find yourself wondering, what it looks like when I`m baking?
I thought, I`d share some pictures from "behind the scenes"...

Fresh and high quality ingridients are a must for good baking.
Since my brother was wheat intolerant I started using spelt flour, he`s not anymore, but I still use it, it`s healthier, but it reacts just like normal flour.

I made the apron I`m wearing myself. I didn`t wear aprons for a long time, but when you bake a lot, it`s quite annoying to make your clothes dirty all the time, so a pretty apron is needed!

Licking out the bowl isn`t as spectacular as it was when I was a kid...but sometimes I still do it.

I usually don`t just sit in the kitchen, waiting for the cake to be ready, but I thought it`d look good for a picture!

And now the cake is ready!
I made a lemon cake with raspberries.
I know it`s not very seasonal, as it just started to snow again this morning, but I was craving something fruity!

So, I hoped you liked it and if you`re interested in the recipe, just let me know!



  1. Please post the recipe! That looks delicious =)

  2. beautiful pictures! And the cake looks delicious :)



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