Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

Peter Pan

I was looking for a dress or blouse with a peter pan collar for a long time, but couldn`t find anything that I liked. 
So I decided to sew a detachable collar on my own.

I found this little tutorial, which is great. It`s so easy, I made mine with little hooks instead of a ribbon.

I used a beautiful black lace fabric, but I`m definitely going to sew some more, soon.
It`s so cute and great to make a "t-shirt look" more interesting.

Also, I`m currently reading Peter Pan, so my book suits my look =)!

Do you like Peter Pan collars? And have you read it?



  1. richtig gute idee und steht dir fabelhaft!

  2. Good job! To be honest, I'm not too crazy about Peter Pan, but your collar is great=)


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