Samstag, 8. Januar 2011

Sewing and my Nonni

Yesterday afternoon, I took out my sewing machine, found some pretty fabric and made myself a very easy circle skirt.

After just 1.5 hours of sewing I was very happy with the result, which I`m almost never when I make something for myself.
So, I thought I`d show you the result.

Then, when I wrote in my journal this morning and wrote down todays date, I noticed something and I knew I had to write this post today.

Because today is my Nonnis Birthday.
She died when I was 8, so I never really knew her.
But, I sew with her old sewing machine.

I didn`t know that she sewed a lot, until I began sewing and my dad told me, that she wanted to be a dressmaker, but didn`t had the chance to.
So, everytime I sew, I feel connected to her.

My Nonni sitting on my Nonnos lap.
Actually, Grandmothers are called "Nonna" in italian, but I just called her Nonni when I was little, and everyone still calls her so.

I`m wearing leggings, shirt and lacevest from h&m, the pearlnecklace was a gift and my lipstick is Chanel rouge coco "mademoiselle".

Do you have something special from your Grandmother, too?



  1. Woni im Spital gsi bi, isch mi Grossmami mi cho bsueche und het mir e Cherze gschänkt, mitem Värsli druf:
    Immer wenn du meinst es geht nicht mehr, kommt von irgendwo ein Lichtlein her, dass du es noch einmal wieder zwingst und von Sonnenschein und Freude singst, leichter trägst des Alltags harte Last, und wieder Kraft und Glauben hast.
    Die Cherze het sie vor öbbe 45 Joor vo ihrer Schwöster becho, wo si genau wie ich wäge däre Krankheit im Spital gläge isch. :'o)

  2. that is such a pretty skirt! And it is great that you had a connection with your grandmother when you were making it :) I am glad it is such a great way to connect for you!

    hope you are having a great weekend!



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