Montag, 24. Januar 2011

What`s keeping me alive...

I`m always trying to appreciate the small things in life.
Yes, that sounds tacky, but over the last few years, my lifestyle changed a lot, and I learned a lot about myself....
I discovered that I need certain things, which keep me alive, nourish my mind and body.
I`m trying to take really good care of myself and to be my own best friend.

Of course, every human being wants to be happy, but it`s a common problem, that we think, something or someone else has to make us happy!
But that`s just not how it works...if you`re not happy with yourself, nobody else can make you happy!

So, take good care of yourself, make yourself happy, because you can make a change!!!!

What`s keeping me alive:

Starting everyday with a good breakfast.

Going for walks and enjoying the crisp air.

Capturing the beauty of nature.

Rewarding myself with a little treat.

Spending time with loved ones.
Here I`m baking bread with my little sister.
(Btw., she is 7 years old and took this picture with my camera, handling the zoom and focus manual)

Expressing my creativity through whatever I feel like.

Crochet handwarmers.

What`s keeping you alive?

Happy Monday!



  1. Ich muss sagen dass dein Blog macht jeden Tag besser :) Und dein Fotos sind immer echt shoen!


  2. A very good point you made here! You have a very sweet blog.

    Emma in Paris


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