Freitag, 14. Januar 2011

Yes, I knit this!

I just finished my first sweater!
A year ago, I couldn`t knit at all, but I practiced a little and now I made a beautiful sweater!
I`m really proud!

The wool I used is a 50% merino and 50% silk blend.

The pattern is from a designer called Kate Davies, you can buy the pattern on here. is a great website with lots of free or cheap patterns for knitting and crocheting.

These owls are not that difficult to make, and they`re adorable! 
I just put button-eyes on one of them!

So cozy and warm!

Do you like to knit, too?

I find knitting very calming and relaxing.



  1. so cute. I love the design. And thanks for this great hint - this knittingpage, I haven't known yet! I do knit as long as you do and made several cowls and scarfs and shoes for me and some friends.. next project will be a sweater..
    bisous, mlle suzanne

  2. what a beautiful sweater!! so awesome that you know how to knit. i wish i could do that!!

  3. beautiful! You are a great knitter :)

  4. hi!, Lovely sweater! you should be proud! :) I´d love to learn how to knit if I´d found the patience for it...

  5. I adore that pattern! I have been knitting for 12 years now and have yet to successfully make a sweater. I think it's about time to try.


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