Montag, 14. Februar 2011

A sunday at the museum

I had my Valentinesday - date yesterday.
Tizi and I went to the "Fondation Beyeler", to see the Segantini exibition.
Unfortunately, they didn`t let me take my camera in, so I only have a few pictures from outside.

The museum called "Fondation Beyeler" is located in Riehen, where I live. 
It is a very special building, surrounded by a beautiful park.
What you see in the picture above, is the museums coffee house.

I bought a few cards. I always leave museums with postcards. I just love museumshops!
The painting on the first card is called " Strickendes Mädchen"/" Knitting Girl". 
Isn`t that perfect?

After leaving the crowded museum, we just enjoyed the sun and a little spring feeling in the park.

And went home to enjoy some coffee and cake!

That was my perfect day-before-valentines-date!

Happy Valentinesday my lovely readers!!!!


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  1. Sounds like a lovely pre-valentine's date!!! Just found your blog and will be following along- it's lovely!!! Happy v-day!


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