Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

Tuesday Pleasures...

Some things that make a grey, rainy and tired tuesday pleasant, tasty and bright.

New yarn 
in these beautiful colors.
I`m currently producing a lot of gorgeous treasures for my shop (which will be updated tomorrow).

My Mom`s brown bree leather bag.

My Dad gave it to her, for her birthday, like 15 years ago. She almost never uses it, and I fell absolutely in love with this gem.
I love to wear things, with a history and a meaning....

Afternoon tea.

Eating tiny cucumber sandwiches and cake while drinking tea and pretending to be a bit british is always great.
Sometimes I wish, I was living in the 1940`s, and I would only wear beautiful dresses. I would drink tea every afternoon and then go for a walk in the park and read on a bench until the sun would go down.
What a lovely afternoon-dream........

A new book.

I just wanted to take a look. But I just can`t  leave a bookstore without at least one book. 
That would feel so terribly wrong.

What were your tuesday pleasures?



  1. Quarreling, crying, being hated.

  2. madame! ich mag ihren blog sehrest. deine beiträge erinnern mich wieder daran, sich auf kleinigkeiten zu achten und sich über diese zu freuen =) vergisst man / vergess ich manchmal.


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