Dienstag, 8. März 2011

7 Things about Lotta

It`s international womens day, so I`ve decided to tell you some things about the women behind this blog.
Yes, that`s me!

So, 7 things most of you probably didn`t know about me!

1. I can`t sleep without my hot water bottle.
I know, this is weird, but I use it every single night, even in summer. I just love that warm feeling against my belly. Sometimes, when the water is a little to hot, I wake up with red spots...

2. I`m half italian.
My dad`s italian and my mom`s swiss. I don`t speak italian, but I understand almost everything.
I feel and look (I think?) very italian, and a lot of people tell me that I`m very similar to my female italian relatives, which is a huge compliment, because they are very strong, beautiful but stubborn women.

 (My favorite picture, of my Nonna, Nonno and Zia (Aunt) Concetta, in the 60`s)

3. I have four tattoos.
And there will be more!

4. I`m a huge bookworm and I wanted to be a writer since I was 6.
I always have a book with me, every where I go. I read very different kinds of books, I`m also going to the library and I love the smell of new books and old books!

5. English is my favorite language.
I guess you may have noticed that one.
Well, I learned english in school, and loved it ever since.
I`m reading, watching (tv series online) and writing in english, and sometimes I even think english.
I caught myself searching for a german word,  the other day and I just kept thinking the english one.

6. I suffer from an anxiety disorder and panic attacks.
I know, this is kind of heavy stuff, but I want to be open with you guys, because that`s a part of me.
I am fighting everyday and it`s going better now, but it`s still a lot of work.
It`s coming from different problems, like that I am highly sensitive, I`m very strict with myself, and a little may be genetetic, but  nobody knows that for sure. 
And that`s why, you don`t see a lot of pictures from activities...I mostly stay at home.
But I`m really trying to change this and it`s one of my goals for this year, to go out more, and to show it here.Because I want to be free again!
But it`s not always just a burden, because I learned so much about myself in the past few years and I discovered my creativity!
 And I hope I can be a rolemodel to some of you outthere with the same problems!
You`re not alone and you don`t have to be ashamed!

7. My sister, aka Little Lotta is like my best friend!
I know, that sounds kind of weird, because she`s seven years old.
BUT, I always wanted a little sister. It was my biggest dream and wish.
And it came true, when I was 13.

Sometimes I`m more a mother, and sometimes I`m more a friend.
It`s really so great to have a kid around all the time!
I can actually talk to her about so much. She knows a lot about blogs and loves to look at the pictures with me and we watch Glee together. And she loves to wear my clothes already!
But she`s also a normal seven year old girl, who doesn`t like some boys, loves to play with dolls and doesn`t want to go to bed!



  1. I LOVE that tattoo! I think I already said that, but I DO!

    and you are so so talented, really you are, and I LOVE all of your things on your shop. I can't wait to get some $ and buy some!

    And your little sister is sososo cute! You must have a great time together!

    And I am sorry about the anxiety disorder :( It must be really rough. But I know you are working so hard on it, and you are really making strides!


  2. Thank you for sharing about your panick and anxiety disorder. It made me feel less alone as i have a similar problem and am now seeing a therapist for it. But it is a daily struggle and hearing that i am not alone is very encouraging. Love your blog cant wait to read more.

  3. Hej Keila,

    You`re definetely not alone!!! I try to be open about it, because it`s what I`m dealing with it right now, and I don`t want to be ashamed of it.....
    If you have any questions or need anything, don`t hesitate to write...ok?


  4. thank you for the encouragement and support Lotta it means alot:)


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