Montag, 28. März 2011

Colorful and delicious vitamins

When I feel the spring coming around, I automatically start craving more salads.
I currently love salads with lots of different things in it.
I just take a look and see what`s available.

Today I chose, homemade bread, a carrot, mozzarella, nuts and seeds and of course salad (from the farmers market)!

I roasted the diced bread with a little olive oil until it was golden brown.

Took this mixture of different seeds such as sunflower and pumpkin and nuts like pine and walnuts.

Sliced the mozzarella, washed the salad and grounded a carrot and threw everything together in a big bowl.

My favorite dressing is very simple: salt, pepper, olive oil and aceto balsamico.

I like a salad like this for lunch, with pasta.
That`s all I need.




  1. mm yum! i don't know why, i never thought of making my own croutons out of homemade bread. now i want a salad!


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