Donnerstag, 10. März 2011

I like the flowers

I`ve planted some flowers today.

Oh, how I wish I had a garden......
I would love to have a little piece of land, where I could plant strawberries, raspberries, tomatos, potatos, and lots of herbs and flowers.
But, I`m actually not that good with plants.
I always forget to water them....oops.
I hope I can work on that and someday get my own garden!

I got some floral clothes for spring ( everything from h&m) , I can`t wait to show them all to you!

This scarf is going to be my favorite spring-item!!!

Did you do something springy, yet?



  1. your flowers are beautiful! (and i am an agriculture major at school so i appreciate the wonders of plants.) i hope that you get your own garden sometime soon.

    i have been following your blog for a while but i've been too shy to comment. it is a lovely blog, though!

  2. Hi Mazzy,

    welcome and please don`t be shy, I love reading comments!<3
    Love, Lotta

  3. those flowers are so impeccably lovely! I love them so! your blog is beautiful, by the way. and you are too!


    so happy i stumbled upon your blog!

  4. Hello! Your flowers are lovely :) I've planted some things as well for spring. Some ixia bulbs, mint, basil, coleus, and alyssum. I also have some jade and an aloe plant on my windowsill :)


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