Samstag, 19. März 2011

More rain, a new skirt and spring-sleepiness

umbrella, scarf, shirt, tights and jacket: h&m

skirt: american apparel

pearlnecklace: gift from my parents

So, I bought this skirt at american apparel, and I really love it.
I imagined those pictures in the park, with sunlight and a springy feeling.
But, it`s just raining, raining, raining all day long, so I took the pictures anyway.
I really love my umbrella, so that`s the only postive thing about the rain.

It`s so annoying at the moment, I`m just tired all the time. 
I think I have a serious case of spring-spleepiness, it`s awful!
 I`m going to spend the weekend cuddled up inside, with a good book, movies, some crochet work and a lovely boyfriend!

Have a cuddly weekend!



  1. ah. der rock ist gar nicht so lange?
    was hab ich denn da angeguckt. oder hast in rumgenäht, oder hab ichs falsch in erinnerung

    (lange meine ich bis zu den füssen)

  2. hey lotta, i'm looking on the american apparel website. could you tell me which skirt it is? it looks great on you! xx

  3. Thank you!
    It`s this one:



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