Donnerstag, 3. März 2011

New Home!

Hello lovelies!
I`m happy to announce, that I moved my shop to etsy.

It`s just a better community and it`s better and easier for you guys to buy my stuff!

You can see some of my items on my sidebar, and you can just click on it and go to my shop, directly.
I`m going to post frequent updates, here.
I have so much ideas and creations in my head, so there will come more, soon!

Here a little preview:

I hope you like my stuff.
I`m really trying to create my own business, with the shop, my cupcake baking, and writing.
I would really appreciate hearing some comments, and I would be so glad if you could support and promote me a little!

Thank you so much!!!



  1. LOVE the earrings! I will have to get them for a friend of mine :)

  2. your shop is adorable :)! unfortunately the prices are a bit too much (in USD) for me to afford. can't wait to check out what else you come up with though. x


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