Dienstag, 29. März 2011

We always want what we don`t have...

and if we have it, we don`t want it anymore!

I want short hair, if I have long hair, and I want long hair if I have short hair.

But, fortunately, with a few bobby pins here and there and a silk scarf I can look like I have long hair again....

I really want to grow it back to a shoulder lenght, but who knows if I can actually make it this time...

Other than complaining over my hair, I`m just trying to enjoy these beautiful early spring days, we`re currently having.
I`m feeling more comfortable with myself every day, step by step. I`m trying to put myself outthere, show the world who I am and trying to be proud about it!

Hello world, here I am!


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  1. random, but i like your watch! i think you totally rock the short hair. xx


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